Pop art is very much alive.
Pop art is a reaction.
There is a right for pop art to exist even in 2018, Robert Rausechenberg said once: "a painting is more like the real world if it's made out of the real world."

Pop art draws its material from pop culture. These materials play a very important part of our everyday life like the street, posters, objects of the apartment, comics, advertisements etc.

Its female representations are fetishized, and they're built up from expectations of a commercial approach.

If we talk about body image, it is reasonable to say that it's hard for everyone to actually create a healthy one, it can be debated, but I think that somehow it is still harder for women.

But there is a contrast between the perceived and real body image, just as between commercial mediacommunication and the altruist artistic endeavour. Present exhibiton concept makes an encounter between the idea of the expected appearance and the reality, to be able to reach an acceptable, more human self-evaluation concept.

/Gergely Gyuricza/

VERNISSAGE: 2018. April 5. 19:00