They are the Lemmings of the Year 2018!

This is year six for the Szimpla Lemming Program, this year 155 bands applied. We tried to get together 12 bands, which tread their own path, and the road itself is more important than connecting to the successful, yet short and disappointing motorways of mainstream. The Lemmings will be the backbone of the concert program of Szimpla in April, from Armanian folk music to swing-punk you will find all kinds of style. As usual, in the program each concert will be recorded on video, and the bands will visit the Budapest Eklektik program of the indie radio station Tilos, and they will also participate in two round table discussions. Our aim is to make the punk and the ambient musician understand each other and have joint adventures in our Lemming Programme. This year, for the first time, instead of the opinion leaders of the music industry the psychologist of Staffino will help them in this venture, empowering them to get closer to themselves through music, exploring processes and possible blocks, and by solving them their career path might be less bumpy, they can see their own lives more clearly, which is a lot more added value than in any other competition.

Of course, the bands will get awards as well, e.g. further festival and club concerts, studio and video recordings, etc.
Here is the list of concerts, the performances will be live on the Szimpla Kert Facebook page.

April 3: Ew
April 4: Gutting Revue
April 5: Nunky Bay Starship
April 10: Group Duduk
April 11: Muzsik és Volkova
April 12: Fleet Goes North
April 17: ToSoDa Project
April 18: Kikosho
April 19: Kösz Vitya
April 24: ZitheRandom
April 25: Sex in the Black Hole
April 26: Presense Live Act

After the Lemming concerts the bands will be given the following perks:

-Tour in Transylvania for one or more bands, to Szimpla Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfantu Georghe);
-concert in Balatonboglár, at the Bábel Sound Festival;
-concert at the Ízek Versek Madárfütty Festival ;
-further concerts in Szimpla Kert; promotion;
-Ezer Kolibri: recording a full concert;
-demo record in the Szimpla Studio;
-live performance in Tilos Radio with Captain Chaos;
-15000HUF voucher in Szimpla Kert.