Szimpla Cycle circus

The wheel that turns around the bike! Sport, renting, touring, or a market where you can find complete bikes, parts or accessories, plus recycled art, or, as it became a habit, charity, all is here!

Every second Saturday of the month, we close down the section of Kazincy street in front of us, and we organize an event about bikes. This is not only a market or a minifestival of Szimpla, but you get tips what kind of bike suits you, how to pimp your bike, where to go on tour, or you can even go on an easy cycling tour with an excellent tour guide. If you have not committed yourself to cycling yet, you can rent a retro Szimpla bike, or a massive Strike Bike, and give it a try!

For our current events, news follow the page of Szimpla Bringa on Facebook.

Questions on the bike market: vagy +36 30 633 3824

Information about renting a bike, service: vagy +36 20 248 1446

Cycling tours: +36 30 434 3938