Take street-level images with your smartphone

Járókelő aims to use Mapillary for pothole reporting. We would like to invite you to a PhotoWalk to tell you more and show how you can use Mapillary. We'll start together for a brief introduction to Mapillary and Járókelő and then we go outside in smaller groups to collect images. We will meet at Szimpla Kert.

All you need to bring is your smartphone. You can download the Mapillary app in App Store or in Google Play. If you have an action camera or 360° camera bring that as well.

We'll provide snacks and refreshments to the participants of the event.

About Mapillary
Mapillary is a tool for creating your own with street-level views that can be used to visually document places and also to collect data. Anyone can capture and share images with just a smartphone. This means that instead of using a few years old Street Views to get a better understanding of the street, you can create your own street-level views whenever you find a street you want to report. In this way the images will show a more accurate view of the street and the images can be updates as often as needed to see how the street evolves.

About Járókelő
Jarokelo is helping citizens to report problems such as potholes, broken trash cans, missing crossings and other issues from their neighbourhood.