SzimPlant vol.4

At the November event of szimPLANT we will talk about human responsibility, animal rights and deep experiences with the managing director of the Hungarian Jane Goodall Institute, András Kádár, and the world traveller photojournalist of National Geographic Hungary, Boglárka Balogh. The Magház Civil Network will introduce their work and recruit volunteers – the network promotes the biodiversity of edible gardens all over the country and support those who would like to try their green fingers. The topic of our open roundtable discussion will be eating in winter, with dietary experts and activists of responsible gastronomy. At the closed workshop, invited bloggers and vegan activists can get to know everything about microgreens and make their own „capsule farm”. Besides the discussions there are going to be all kinds of programs, including a seed exchange, a quiz about responsibility, mind-triggering installations and plant adoption.
Salon, 1st floor:
12.30-14.00 Closed workshop of Capsul Farm about microgreens and making of a capsule farm
Concert hall
1 PM- The endangered specie – interactive discussion with Boglárka Balogh (National Geographic) and András Kádár (Jane Goodall Institute), followed by autographs and chimpanzee adoption
3 PM - MAGház presentation – get to know the network! followed by What will we eat in winter? Open roundtable about winter diets then Seed exchange

During the event:
- Plant adoption, replanting (PlantTogether)
- quiz and installations, reward: brunch for 2*2 persons in Szimpla Kert, Chimpanzee adoption, autographed book by Boglárka Balogh
- MAGház seed quiz and volunteer recruiting


Quiz, joint planting, plant adoption, workshops and presentations, performance, and good music.

A laid-back, chillout afternoon for those with green fingers who feel responsible for our planet, in Szimpla Kert.

Why szimPLANT?

Budapest and its surroundings are full of green micro-communities, however they work along different principles, rules, follow various directions - we need to find the common denominator, which is the love of plants, quite simply.

szimPLANT is the common denominator, where we plant, recycle, admire nature's beauty, together, so that we can become the citizens of a responsible, environmentally conscious and friendly metropolis. 


Start: 24. November 12am