Szimpla Háztáji

Szimpla Háztáji opened in October 2013 in order to provide tasty and healthy menus and other delicacies every day made from the products that are available at the Szimpla Farmers' Market. Sometimes it's like at home, sometimes it's exotic, it happens that it recalls the canteen at school, at other times it's like in a state-of-art restaurant, it's paleo on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it's fish day on Wednesdays, what is the same about every meal is the high quality of their ingredients. You can have breakfast here all day long, eat goulash every day, or see an exhibition of some kind of art.



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In our range of products you can find the best wines from small artisan wineries, great products from little breweries, syrups made from fruit, organic and freshly squeezed fruit juices, too. Our coffee is not Hungarian, of course but that also comes from selected first producers and it is prepared with the greatest expertise. Once a month, our experts organize courses on wine and pálinka to promote civilized drinking, you cannot buy only win tickets to these events. Our leading barista tells you the secrets of choosing and making coffee on his courses. 

We pay attention to sustainability not only when it's about ingredients but in any other area, we don't use disposable plates and cutlery, for example, the tap does not drip, we do not heat the street and we do not employ children behind the scenes either. Our efforts were honoured by Felelős Gasztohős and we got the “Sustainable Restaurant” qualification.



If you order the vegetable basket from Szegedi Waldorf, you can pick it up here. Once a month we provide our free walls for one emerging and worthy artist to introduce themselves, music is always good indeed, and this is the best place in Kazinczy Street if you want to have a good lunch or just a coffee with a delicious cake.