Szimpla card

Szimpla Card 10,000 HUF
If you drop in with friends in the afternoon to chill and you don’t want to have cash or coins on you, this card is the perfect choice: for 10,000 HUF you can consume for 11,000 HUF, you only have to pay once, and you can keep the card if you want.
Value you can consume: 11,000 HUF

Szimpla Card 20,000 HUF
Get a card like this and we have already invited you to something worth 2,000 HUF. You pay once and then everything is quick as flash. Ideal for drinks in the evening, hamburgers before partying, or as a present.
Value you can consume: 22,000 HUF

Szimpla Card 50,000 HUF
Are you a real party animal? Would you like to jump the queue and get in with priority to the best clubs like Szimpla? This card is exactly for you. For this card, you get 5 wristbands providing you priority entry, you can choose the day when you buy the card. You only have to put on the wristband and walk in without queuing, while your card is worth 55,000 HUF.
Value you can consume: 55,000 HUF

Szimpla Card 100,000 HUF
If you want to spend the night with a bigger group in Szimpla, this card is just for you: with the card, you get 10 wristbands providing you priority entry, . you can choose the day when you buy the card. The card can be transferred, anybody can pay with it in the group, just don’t lose it! And you are also our guest for 10,000 HUF extra consumption.
Value you can consume: 110,000 HUF

The wristbands providing priority entry can be used on a given day you provide when the card
is purchased. Once you have entered, the wristbands provide no other bonus or priority.
You can buy the cards between noon and 7 PM. Please, take into consideration that we cannot
sell new cards after 7 PM.
Please, observe the house rules – do not arrive in costume, or under the influence.
Our security personnel can deny entry if you arrive in clothes or in a condition contrary to
house rules.
When you pay you can also ask your balance, ask the bartender how much money remained
on your card.
If you have lost your card but still have money on it, please, write to us at, or call us
(between 10 AM and 3 PM) on +36-20-261-8669.
We cannot upload balance on the card once it has expired, but if you like it, give us the old one and buy another (every
day from 4 PM), you will get the extra again.