Shisha Bar

In the Shisha bar of Szimpla you can find everything for the real Szimpla experience, and everything by which you can maintain it, or even take it home. You can find traditional souvenirs related to Szimpla and Budapest, such as classic mugs, fridge magnets, Szimpla T-shirts, tote bags, badges and postcards as well as anything necessary for partying or stag parties. Those who love shisha can choose from a wide range of flavours, and for those who only wish to look around, enjoy the design and the peculiar, continously changing interiors of Szimpla yet consider a healthy lifestyle important we offer fresh carrots and other delicacies. If you wish to donate for charity, you can also do it in our shop. The Shisha bar is in the proximity of the entrance and you might miss it at first because of its colourful surroundings, however, once you have found it and tried it out it will certainly help you to achieve the perfect Szimpla experience.


Szimpla mix:

- apple: 3500 HUF / 11,6 €

- orange or grapefruit: 4000 HUF / 13,3 €

- pineapple: 5000 Ft / 16,6 €

- pomegranate: 5000 HUF / 16,6 €

Lucky Shisha:

- ice and apple or 5 different flavours: 3500 HUF / 11,6 €

Shisha dupla mix:

- the secret flavour of the house: 3500 HUF / 11,6 €


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