Sunday Brunch

Szimpla has always sought opportunities to be cosy, attractive, up-to-date and high quality, and renew from time to time, invent something new. Many of you might have heard about our Farmers' Market and Farmers' Café, where you can buy farm-to-table goods and we prepare food and drinks from products straight from farmers you can meet at the market.

You might have heard about the farmers selling their high quality goods in Szimpla. Now we had the idea to bring these farmers even one step closer, and on Sundays, upstairs we offer our Szimpla brunch, where you can eat as much as you want from ingredients from our market, the highest quality farmers' cheese, mangalitza sausage, cottage cheese, honey and other delicacies.

You might know Csósza Manufaktúra, who sell fresh fruit or the Nárcisz Cheese Workshop, where you can buy the best camembert, parmeggiano or mozarella types of cheese, and many other first class producers. We decided to select the best ingredients on Sunday morning for a delicious brunch, where you can eat as much as you wish with muesli, organic fruit juices, home-made cocoa, tea specialities and coffee. The brunch is open from 9 A.M. to 14pm, where Andi Béres and Csaba Danicska offers you the best Szimpla Brunch, the best products of our farmers' market on the first floor.

Sunday's brunch: 5000 HUF/person

If you come with children, under 6 eating is free, and till 12 years brunch is for halfprice.

We do not take table reservations for the brunch! If you come with a bigger group, we recommend you to arrive early!
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And who are the farmer's who show you the best products at the breakfast?

1. Zoltán Bánfi, Nagykőrös.

I prepare plum jam, quince jelly, eggplant spread. In my free time, I teach children with disabilities.


2. Csósza Manufaktúra, Drégelypalánk.

A family venture to prepare artisan food: we grow several types of fruits, and prepare jams and various syrups. We also have a guesthouse, where you can visit the farm and also relax. 


3. Marcsi Dornay, Vác. A real "medicine woman".

I have extensive experience with herbs and mushrooms - I prepare chutney, jam and beuty products .


4. Szövetség az Élő Tiszáért Living Tisza Alliance (Barát József - a képen viszont Gergő van), Nagykörű.

Our main profile is growing cherries, we have one of the biggest cherry orchards in Hungary. We also grow other fruits and vegetables. Our speciality is  growing old heirloom and other unique varieties.


5. Andi Gál, Jászberény.

I prepare all kinds of meat products, mangalitza pork products and home-made cheese.

6. Zoltán Hankó and his  brother, László Hankó.

We grow sweet potato, blue and purple potato, unique vegetables and herbs.



7. Gábor Fekete, Erdőkertes.

I grow various sprouts and other edible plants.


8. Rezső Hortig and Zsuzsa Bertók, Lajosmizse.

We produce cheese from cow and goat milk. We settled in the countryside a couple of years ago, choosing farming instead of a hasty urban life. 


9. Bukovszki family (Kamilla), Dabas.

We make meat products and grow fruits.


10. Katicás Farm - Mónika Kovics and Feri Csölle.

We produce sugar-free jam, home-made hazelnut spread, peanut butter. 


11. Attila Monori, Páty.

I am a beekeeper. I produce all types of honey, both traditional and unique flavours. 


12. Jenő Moskola, Gyömrő.

My mission is to grow vegetables whcih are not only beautiful, but delicious too. 


13. Nárcisz Sajtműhely Cheese (József Fehér), Debrecen

I produce all types of cheese. I am specialized in unique flavours, and I prepare camembert, parmaggiano, mozzarella type cheeses.



14. Matthew Hayes, Zsámboki Eco-garden (Molnár Gabi és Logan Strenchock árulják a termékeket)

We are specialized in organic vegetables.


15. Mr and Mrs Attila Pécsi.

We produce quail eggs, raw and in preserve: smoked, with beet, preserved in oil. We also grow hazelnuts and other seasonal vegetables and fruits. Ők most tavaszig nincsenek.


16. József Pétervári, products made of truffle.

I used to work in the media, but then I made a career shift and started to deal with truffle. I work with my dog Kodi, finding truffle. I produce all kinds of truffle products: buter, oil and watercress.


17. Zsolt and Iza Szakács, Tata.

We produce cheese of cow and goat milk, breed poultry, and make cookies and other treats. Our mission is to treat our animals with respect and love.


Prices for the all you can eat, all you can drink buffet breakfast:

Sunday 5000 HUF


Photos: Mátyás Szöllősi