Music is eternal, music is universal. Music is very important to us at Szimpla, most Szimpla workers play on one or more intrusments. Playing on any intrusments is a kind of pleasure, which we would like to share with You.



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The most important for us is diversity, and we are lucky, because there are a lot of bands who play in many different styles in Budapest and Hungary: jazz, folk, rock, electronic music etc. Sometimes we can also welcome artists from outside the country. So we organise Concert Tuesday, Crested Wednesday and Bass clef Thursday. The aim of these events is to present the most outstanding bands and musicians for you, for free. These bands are not just amusing club bands, we present you the very best of Hungarian contemporary, world, jazz, alternative, etc. music. 




The stage is yours to take every friday at SZIMPLA OPEN STAGE

and every sunday at SZIMPLA JAM SESSION!







In our very own sound studio you can record in an exeptional environment.

Szimpla Recordings is a musician friendly, flexible and personalized studio for every project. The songs recorded here often receive media support.
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Szimpla DISC


Every year we release a CD that we concider an essence of the past 12 months' music in Szimpla. Listen the last Szimpla Garden Hits here