Association for the Living Erzsébetváros

The aim of the Élő Erzsébetvárosért Association is to stimulate and maintain the cultural life in inner Erzsébetváros and to make it more livable and colourful. Right now, our main goal is to make Kazinczy a pedestrian street and to connect Kazinczy and Szentkirályi Street with a zebra crossing, you can help our efforts by signing our online petitions. For two years, our other main goal has been to constantly stimulate the lives of young people by the help of Erasmus + programs. If you are curious about our international youth activities scroll down to the Erasmus + part.

kazinczy street for the pedestrians!


Hosszú távú álmunk egy, az V. kerültből már jól ismert süllyedő oszlopos megoldás, mely lehetővé tenné, hogy a helyi lakosok szabadon behajthassanak és használják a mélygarázsokat és parkolóudvarokat, valamint természetesen utat engedne a megkülönböztető jelzéssel közlekedő autóknak is - ezek telepítési és működtetési költségeit az Élő Erzsébetvárosért Egyesület magára vállalja, nem terhelve tovább a kerületi- és államkasszát.

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As the city mayor says: “The heart of Budapest is going to provide the experience of a fresh and vibrant city where work, studying, having fun, shopping and other mundane activities will be more attractive. As the inner city is not just a place, where we live but a space for life, where we live and spend our every day, which awaits for us with open arms.” (István Tarlós)





Two universities, a museum, a synagogue, a bus stop, a dozen of bars and a ruin pub on one side. Two other universities, a film theatre, a clinic, a bus stop to the other direction and nice little pubs on the other side. And between the two, you have to make a half kilometer detour to cross to the other side of Rákóczi Road.


We want a zebra crossing between Kazinczy Street and Szentkirályi Street. The elderly would be able to get to the shops and the post office more easily. We want the two emblematic streets of the 7th and the 8th to weave together. We honestly believe that the bikers are future and the city is theirs but we also believe that by synchronizing the traffic lights of Rákóczi Road, the new zebra crossing wouldn't cause any trouble for car drivers either.






The Azért7 won support from the European Union to host two European volunteers in 2014, who enriched the social and cultural life in Kazinczy Street for people living in or visiting Erzsébetváros. 

We won another grant in 2015 to create Kazinczy Social Hub, it contains three elements: Kazinczy Living Library, Kazinczy Open Theatre and Kazinczy Open Café. If you click on our logos, you can find out more about our activities.