Szimpla - 2017

The year 2017 is over, which was really unique and eventful in Szimpla. We tried to collect a few things, what happened in the past approximately 365 days, but as we had even more events and visitors than the year before, we can only present an rough outline in pictures, videos and figures what happened in Szimpla last year.

Looking back on 2017: Szimpla Kert had more than 1.2 million visitors, and the number of daytime visitors is increasing. In 2016 we decided that we want to have visitors not only in the evening or at night, but create a space which is attractive during daytime, full of programs, with music, arts, markets or gastronomy, theatre or literature, often carfree, happening also in the street in front of us, and we can tell that this initiative has been successful...

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