Szimpla Design Shop


The shop first opened in a small street nearby - Síp Street - in the autumn of 2013 but from the spring of 2016, it is finally in Szimpla Kert. The range of products can be divided into three big groups: one is the antiques, toys and lamps that give the locals the sense of lovely nostalgy and give foreign visitors a hint of the era that provided us excitement with its colours and shapes.


The second group includes the products of Hungarian designers: decor objects, ceramics, jewellery, bags, note books, etc. The objects that were rethought by Szimpla Design Shop are in the third group, these are furniture, lamps, pillows and decor objects.

If you want to take home a souvenir that is connected to the history or even the present of our country or city, it is worth visiting us.


Opening hours: from Wednesday to Saturday 12-19 and on Sunday 10-15 (Monday, Tuesday closed)