Sunday is a day of feast in Szimpla!


We are sure everybody loves good food, and we are really happy you love to eat our food! We do our best so that you can get the most varied food any time of the day. Therefore we rearranged our first floor, and from now on our Sunday brunch will be served in the rear, green room on the left. If this sounds complicated at first, or you do not know where it is do not worry, we will signpost everything! This type of meal is good for you when you want to spend more time with the meal, alone or with friends, while nibbling on healthy and delicious, farm-to-table food and drinks and exploit the opportunities offered by the all you can eat facility. If you choose having lunch with us, as you are not an early bird and skip breakfast, or like to start the day with something warm, you can ask for our daily lunch menu until 4 PM on the first floor, or support the NGO cooking lunch at the market between noon and 2 PM. If you decide you stay on, you can start having dinner from 5 PM, and eat as late as you want, even during the night.