160 thousand straws less in Budapest in a month!

The Foundation Felelős Gasztrohős involved in responsible dining has launched a campaign to expel plastic straws, therefore in August we do not provide a straw with the drinks automatically. Further 42 bars in Budapest have joined the campaign so far. 



We believe we can achieve a lot even with small steps, and when someone gives up the straw first, it will be easier for them to expel other single use plastic from their lives.

We estimate that we avoid almost 160 thousand straws per month to end up in landfills, only from Budapest. With the campaign, bars avoid producing approximately 400 kilometres of plastic waste, which, if we connected them, would reach around Lake Balaton twice. We hope to start a movement which will expel single use plastics from the nightlife of Budapest.

Join us, do not request a straw with your drink for a month!

Straw-free toast on Szabadság bridge: