House Rules

  • Before entering Szimpla Kert you may have to go through a security checkup that involves the checking of clothes and bags. In case you have such an object or tool with you that the security finds inappropriate or risky, you will have to leave them at the entrance while you are inside. All of the process is performed by respecting your personal rights, of course. Thank you for your patience and understanding in advance. Have a great time.
  • Mind that there's a strict face control checking if you're sober enough and if your clothes are appropriate. Security personnel have the right to deny entry. Please, respect the decision.
  • You can buy alcohol only if you are older than18. In case you are not of age, you can stay here after 10 p.m. only with your parents or caregivers. The bartenders may ask for your ID card. In case you deny showing it, you may not be served so don’t be surprised.
  • Guests under 18 can stay with adult supervision until 10 PM.
    After 8 PM entry is not guaranteed for guests under 18, and please, do not come after 8 PM with children under 12, however during the day you are most welcome. *
  • You can rent a shisha in the Szimpla Tobacco shop but only if you are more than 18 years old.
  • You are served by the staff at all times. There is no self-service at the counter. Please, be patient and do not disturb the staff at work. It is forbidden to take photos of or film the staff with any equipment.
  • If you have a disagreement with somebody, please discuss it outside Szimpla Kert so the others can enjoy themselves in peace and safety.
  • If you have caused damage, you have to pay compensation.
  • In case the security staff finds somebody does not follow any point of the house rules might show the person out. Please, do not disturb or hinder the work of the security staff, even if your friend is involved. Practising any illegal activity will result in removal from the venue.
  • Blueteam Security, the contracted security service of Szimpla Kert is authorized to deny entry of groups in the following cases: 
    - Groups brought by the given guide have breached the house rules earlier,
    - The group is in provoking costumes, or are dressed improperly,
    - The group is too intoxicated, their behaviour disturbs other guests,
    - The number of the group is too high, it is over the maximum capacity of Szimpla.
    In case you wish to enter with an organized group in the evening, please, write to us at If you wish to enter Szimpla with a large group, please contact us.
  • Shooting films or taking photos in Szimpla for later use in any public media is only allowed after prior approval on behalf of Szimpla Kert. If you wish to pursue any such activity, please contact our press officer at
  • Entry to areas outside the guest area or closed areas is forbidden.
  • Climbing up walls, furniture, holding structures or roofs is strictly forbidden.
  • The fire extinguisher can only be used to stop fires, in any other case the user must pay compensation for damages.
  • There is live stream in Szimpla and our photographers are always there waiting for a good shot. By entering the place you accept that you may be recorded. If it bothers you, please ask the photographers kindly and you are surely to be understood and your request will be respected.
  • There are CCTV cameras all around the place for our safety.
  • Using any model with remote control or drone is forbidden.
  • We would like to ask you not to enter the stage during the concerts.
  • Please do not disturb the others with your enjoyment. Do not spit, cut your nails here and when you need to go to the toilet, do your business in the toilet.
  • Toilets are not unisex, please, use it according to your gender. Please use the toilet as you would do at home.
  • Smoking is only allowed outside under the blue sky.
  • You are responsible for your own pet, so please mind that it doesn’t disturb others having fun and be so kind to take them home after 10 for their sake, as they might get injured or frightened of loud people and music. If you forget about the time, please, do not feel offended if security warns you and asks you to leave. Thank you very much for your understanding.*
  • Please, mind where you step or sit, as glass shards or sharper design elements may occur, which might cause an accident if you are not careful. When you enter Szimpla, you accept that you stay at our place at your own responsibility. 
  • There is first aid service in Szimpla Kert occasionally. If you are feeling sick or somebody else is, please inform the first guard you see. In case of emergency, please follow the instructions of the security staff. Thank you.
  • Any kind of sexual activity is forbidden all over the area of Szimpla.
  • Bringing in or consuming food or drinks not purchased in Szimpla is forbidden.
  • We do not take responsibility for lost objects, however, objects found are kept for 3 months.
  • Thank you very much for your patience and understanding, and we wish you very good entertainment.

*We suggest you come with a person under 18 or with a dog until 8 PM, after that entry is not guaranteed for security reasons. If you cannot arrive until then, or you would like to come for a certain program or perform, please, contact us at so that we can arrange entry. Thank you very much for your understanding.