Szimpla Brunch


Szimpla has always sought opportunities to be cosy, attractive, up-to-date and high quality, and renew from time to time, invent something new. 
You might have heard about the farmers selling their high quality goods in Szimpla. Now we had the idea to bring these farmers even one step closer, and on Sundays, during the market, upstairs in Szimpla we offer our Szimpla brunch, where you can eat as much as you want from ingredients from our market, the highest quality farmers' cheese, mangalitza sausage, cottage cheese, honey and other delicacies.

You might know Csósza Manufaktúra, who sell fresh fruit or the Nárcisz Cheese Workshop, where you can buy the best camembert, parmeggiano or mozarella types of cheese, and many other first class producers. We decided to select the best ingredients for a delicious brunch, where you can eat as much as you wish with muesli, organic fruit juices, home-made cocoa, tea specialities and coffee. The brunch is open from 9 A.M. to 14pm, where Andi Béres and Csaba Danicska offers you the best Szimpla Brunch, the best products of our farmers' market on the first floor of Szimpla Kert.

Sunday's brunch: 5000 HUF/person

For children under 6 the brunch is free. For children between 6-12 brunch is half price.