Blind Tattoo Night in Szimpla

Blind tattoo sessions organized by Szimpla Design Shop and Knuckle Up Budapest - again every second Thursday in Szimpla! 

An extraordinary evening for those who have always wanted a tattoo, but they could not make up their minds what it should be, or those, who seek for something new, in addition you can also support a cause.

Rely on the tattoo artist's inspiration this time!
Just the WALL and YOU.

On the other side, the machine is buzzing.

If you decided you want a blind tattoo, write a few sentences about yourself (age, brief introduction, what are the things you don't like at all, or you can send a quote you find matching), sit in a chair, and the tattoo artist prepares the personalized pattern even you do not know about, just when it is ready.


Each tattoo is 15 thousand HUF - this is the price of a 5-8 cm size tattoo, and don't forget - this time all the money raised will go for charity! 

You can register and send your introduction to

Are you ready?